NATSCO offers more than just parts...

We offer a suite of in-house and field services throughout Canada & the USA. Repairs, overhauls, upgrades, and more.

COVID-19 Services

We've supplied & installed tens of thousands of barrier products across a range of bus & train fleets.

On Site Services

Our professional, low-key teams provide top of the line repair & installation services across a wide variety of jobs:

Driver & Passenger Barriers
Wi-Fi Installation
Door Systems
Wheelchair Ramps
Passenger Seating
Driver Seats
Decals & Vehicle Wraps
Electronic Control Units
Articulation Units
Heating Assemblies

In House Services

Both our Canadian & US locations are flexible and capable of all sorts of work on behalf of end users and our vendor partners:

Component Repair
Driver Seat Overhaul & Repairs: USSC, RECARO, MOVE

Lucerix Mirror Assembly Overhaul & Repair
Webasto Heater Overhaul & Repair
Custom Kitting
Final Assembly For Local Content
Cut-To-Fit Parts
Bus Cleaning & Repair
Vehicle Wrapping
RMA Program Management
Warehousing & Logistics
Inventory Management


Peter Lloyd - Chief of Rail Equipment (Retired) - GO Transit
I found working with Natsco to be a pleasure because they were professional, courteous and always had an understanding of the urgency.

This letter is in reference to my experience in dealing with Natsco Transit Solutions while being Chief of Rail Equipment for GO Transit. As Chief, I was responsible for all things related to the GO locomotives and coaches and while there was also a maintenance contractor with Bombardier to performing maintenance and repairs to rolling stock equipment. There were numerous times that GO Transit required fleet modifications to the equipment that fell outside of the existing maintenance contract. These modifications were sometimes fairly extensive and were fleet wide in nature thus required extensive skilled labor hours from available staff that were not only very familiar with the equipment but also familiar with the operational procedures and safety practices of the Willowbrook GO Transit maintenance facility. The completion of the various modifications was always time sensitive because they were driven by political, customer service and/or equipment operational issues. Natsco had the skilled work force who were able to take on these rather large projects while working within the Willowbrook maintenance environment.

Natsco always managed to complete the fleet project work on time and on budget, even when there were unforeseen complications. Upon completion I always found their work to be done professionally, clean and look as though it was as original equipment. I found working with Natsco to be a pleasure because they were professional, courteous and always had an understanding of the urgency. They also had the desire to do the job right, to the point of calling me down to observe the first prototype application making sure I was completely satisfied with the service, product and the price before proceeding with the rest of the fleet.